Moving Right Along

September 22-OCTOBER 6,2017.

2132 Bissonnet St. Houston, TX 77005

Located in the interior of a former convenience store, Moving Right Along is a site specific, kinetic installation by Trey Duvall. Randomized programing will trigger steel flails to create cumulative patterns of strike marks and impact while the pendulums run during the 15-day duration of the installation. With a sensitive dependence on initial conditions the two high-torque mechanized double pendulums will impact shelving systems, soda machines, retail racks, drink coolers, and walls to create an evolving and unpredictable landscape of detritus. Once set in motion each gesture will create a new starting condition for the following sequence and future strike path.

‘Sensitive to initial conditions’ describes systems where small changes or unexpected disturbances lead to significant alterations of predicted paths and assumed outcomes. Without the ability to accurately specify starting conditions, predictability in these systems becomes impossible as any small change in starting condition causes great fluctuations in the ultimate phenomenon or affect.

Moving Right Along was generously made possible by Platform Group